DNC 1200
  • Windows 95 operating system
  • 2- 14 axes Numerical Controls for conventional or synchronized press-brakes
  • 3D color graphic display
  • 3.5" Floppy. CD-Rom
  • Network (LAN) capabilities

Exhibited for the first time at the EURO-BLECH 98, the DNC 1200 offers a great number of new concepts.

Having listened to our customer’s requirements, the new DNC 1200 is running in the Windows 95â operating system. This "operating system" offers many advantages, especially for network connection, which becomes accessible for any operator. Windows 95â signify also a topical external gateway to the future.

Another new concept is the resolutely modern and light design. The injected/moulded housing gives an agreeable, rigid and light unit.

The 12" TFT screen allows excellent visibility, even in unfavourable conditions. The lightly inclined keyboard, which is situated underneath the screen allows comfortable, easy programming. An alpha-numerical "PC" keyboard or dust proof (IP65) are available options.

The concept of this numerical control is that it integrates in the command desk the operator interface with external communication means (ie. disk readers, CD-ROM, 120MB Zip Drives etc.).

The ENC part (executive numerical control), however, is integrated in the electrical cabinet which reduces considerably the wiring.

Likewise the bending software PC 1200 for office PC’s will be able to run under Windows 95, 98 and NT.


Like all the numerical controls of the 80, 800, 90 and 900 series, the DNC 1200 can be easily integrated into a local area network such as Ethernet.


Height: 600.0 mm
Width: 400.0 mm
Depth 180.0 mm

The DNC 1200 complies with the european standards (EEC) as defined by the low voltage directive 73/23 and the EMC directive 89/336 (electro-magnetic compatibilty).