DNC 60
  • 4 axes Numerical Controls for conventional or synchronized press-brakes.
The new DNC 60 is designed for multi application purposes. Depending on which software it is equipped, the DNC 60 can be used for synchronized or non-synchronized press brakes, with up-stroking or down-stroking ram, shears, tube bending machines, straight side presses, automatic machines, etc. The ease of programming allows the machine builder to configure all axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to his needs.

The DNC 60 numerical control can control up to 4 digital axes and many auxiliary functions. A backlighted LCD display (130x75mm) as well as a simplified keypad with large keys provide a high comfort of use comparable to a high level numerical control.

Depending on the software, 4 to 11 languages are available directly in the DNC 60. The CYBELEC knowledge offers with this new numerical control a quick programming appreciated by all machine operators.

The DNC 60 is designed to be easily integrated in a control panel or in the electrical cabinet. Well designed, the housing protects the control electrically and mechanically and has its own mounting hardware. The new DNC 60 holds all the electronic components on one single card using the SMD technology. The FLASH memory permits, optionally, to update the software via the RS232 link. Simple commissioning as well as one single 24VDC-power supply reduces considerably the installation and cabling.


Height: 290 mm / Width: 239 mm / Depth 80 / 140 (with connectors) mm.

The DNC 60 complies with the european standards (EEC) as defined by the low voltage directive 73/23 and the EMC directive 89/336 (electro-magnetic compatibilty).