DNC 80
  • 2- 6 axes Numerical Controls for conventional or synchronized press-brakes
  • 2D monochorme graphic display
  • 3.5" Floppy
  • Network (LAN) capabilities

The DNC 80 is a modern, state-of-the art numerical control with graphics, a simplified keyboard with large keys, and a truly user-oriented 2D-software. The concept of the DNC 80 sets new standards in terms of efficiency. Programming can be done in a simple, intuitive and interactive way.

The basic functions can be chosen by means of 5 subject-oriented keys giving access to clearly and logically designed menues . The screen displays the optimal range of bends according to the criteria defined by the operator. These criteria correspond to real needs such as: Minimum length against the operator, minimum returns, swivels or swings, maximum accuracy between two defined faces, cutting error on a given face, flexibility, etc. The solutions found by the system are displayed in 2D and indicate possible collisions with the tools or the machine frame. The positioning of the sheet with respect to the tools is also visualized. The simulation functions allow bending and unbending; it is also possible to change the bending order or to impose a particular one. Programming of punches and dies can be done very easily with the help of existing basic profiles which can be modified at will. A "tool mounting" screen page displaying a front view of the machine shows the user the combination and position of the working stations.

The data (tools, products, etc.) programmed in the DNC 80 are compatible with the data generated by the DNC 800. DNC 900 and with the 3D bending software PC900. Memorization and transfer of data can be done with the help of 3.5" diskettes for which a drive is installed in the numerical control. Data exchange between the PC900 desktop programming software and the DNC 80 is possible without additional cost by use of 3,5" diskettes.


Of course, the DNC 80 can also be connected to other numerical controls DNC 80, to DNC 800, DNC 900 models or to programming stations equipped with the 3D bending software PC 900 by means of a local area network.

Technical characteristics:
  • 5 context-oriented function keys
  • 9.5 " LCD monochrome screen (see picture)
  • 1 to 6 high performance numerical axes
  • Work memory of 4 -16 MB RAM
  • High capacity main memory
  • Floppy disk drive 3,5''
  • Printer port
  • RS232 port
  • Possibility of connection to an Ethernet or other network
  • Multiprocessors, optocoupled inputs-outputS
  • Axes with high speed counting (250 kHz), PID regulator and programmable resolution
  • Conversion mm / Inch, TON / TONS, kg/KN etc

Safety functions (synchronised press-brakes only). Measurement, control and visualization of the beam stopping distance and stopping time. Supervision of oil leakage in each bending cylinder.

The DNC 80 complies with the european standards (EEC) as defined by the low voltage directive 73/23 and the EMC directive 89/336 (electro-magnetic compatibilty).